Huxadesign stands for thinking design. "Huxa" as in Icelandic means "thinking" is what my design will convey, a design that will provide an informative and nice picture of you and your company.

Huxadesign consists of a person at the moment, Andri Theodorsson, with 15 years of experience in print and web design. As an in-house designer for a large international company, I know what is required by both the designer and the suppliers.

Need help with your marketing and/or someone who handles procurement to different suppliers? Maybe not enough to hire someone at 100%? Huxadesign has contact with a large number of suppliers in either web or print that can deliver your marketing material in the highest quality.

Huxadesign offers you complete solutions for your marketing materials. Everything from logos, brochures and photography to webshops and 3d drawings of exhibition fairs.

Get in touch and maybe Huxadesign can become your inhouse agency!

Andri Theodorsson

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